Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey there! I feel like I have disappeared from this space.  I have wanted to share so many things the past few weeks, but life has been very large.  Sometimes it can be hard to work around something so huge!  Even now I am typing with a grumpy little person wanting my attention, so I'll be quick.

It's hard to start blogging after an absence.  It's like I can't decide which parts to write about first or what is the most important to record here, so then I get overwhelmed with the whole thing.  So I decided to just make the leap and not take myself too seriously.

here are some pictures from the past couple weeks...

picnicing and playing

My dad stopped through on his way home from his world travels.  It was great to have him here.

sand box babies

The birthday girl tuned 11. ELEVEN!  Hard to believe how fast time is flying.  Here she is making a wish--she requested brownie sundaes instead of cake.  She wanted to get her ears pierced (which is a whole post in and of itself).



so sweet.


For Memorial Day Jake smoked about a million ribs and the three oldest jumproped in the parade and we had a family gathering in a beautiful setting.






and lots more!  But now I have to go comfort some little people. 

ps - I have a new computer monitor and all these pictures look so tiny now!  Do you all have these big ol' montitors?  Should I format my blog bigger or does this format work?  what do you think?  I want to hear what you think...


Emma Jo said...

Oh I love it all...just enchanting. I really can't say anything else because I am so totally distracted by BBQed ribs, brownie sundaes and your daughter's beautiful profile.

Lucky Candice said...

Love this post! I must hear about the heart rocks at the base of that tree. I think you were supposed to call me! Call me sometime and we'll chat. OH, and I have a smallish computer monitor and your pictures are the perfect size on mine.

Love you!!!!


Blue Moon Mama said...

I just stumbled in from Flying Lessons. Aren't you loving that class? :). I just wanted to say that I love your blog header and title. They both immediately drew me in. Your photos in the post are wonderful too. I especially love the ones of your twins in the sandbox! I am a new mom to a five month old and I hardly manage to get anything done. How do you do ANYTHING with 5 kids? I admire you :)

Dallas and Krista said...

Will you please send me one of those rainbow ruffle skirts when you are done with them? I am obsessed. I LOVE your beautiful family. As well as all of those heart rocks around the tree.

brittany said...

hello, BMM. Nice to meetcha. I'm glad you're here:)

The heart rock tree was like a little treasure that we found. It is at a local park and it was just there and we discovered it and loved it. I wish I knew more. But doesn't it just make you want to make a little heart alter somewhere near you??

Krista, that is so funny, because when I bought those little rainbow ruffle skirts I thought of you and that I would be able to hand one down to you. I thought, "...and Krista would love this, too! That's it. I'm getting them." True, that.

btw, em--thanks, I was feeling the profile too. when I downloaded it I thought, "why don't I do more profiles of her? she's so pretty. ooooh, i loooooooOOOOOOOoooove her!"

Ingrid said...

you know, i think your birthday girl looks a bit like keira knightly. she (your daughter) is gorgeous!