Friday, June 4, 2010

heaven help me. what will I do in 10 years from now?

doing the hand washing

While washing my hands after holding back my poor child’s hair while her lunch exited her body into the toilet (which incidentally did not prevent me from getting sick as I would find later that night), I received a phone call from my good friend who lives down the street. “Did you know that [your 6-year-old] is here?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

You see, not ten minutes previous there had been a conversation with me and my middle child in which I told her that if she wanted to play outside she needed to play in the back yard so that I would know where she was while I was attending to her sick older sister. This conversation was sealed with what I thought was an angelic smile and an “okay, mommy.”

I guess I need a lesson on the subtle differences between
 a mischievous and an angelic smile.

She did a good job dealing with the consequences of her choice and now she’s enjoying playdates again and supposedly will not ever sneak away again.

ps--The child pictured above is indeed the culprit.  Handwashing the dishes is one of the chores she loves to do  and was not part of her consequences for wandering the wild streets of our country town.


Jessa said...

That is wicked funny! Only her! ;)

xianfern said...

Ah the middle child! Also known as the Jan Brady syndrome.. I have one as well, a male version.. we are so screwed! ;)