Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Fellow Visiting Teachers,

light and truth

These images are Visiting Teaching quotes for all those Mormon gals out there. Feel free to print it out and use it for your visiting teaching pleasure. Use it to share the love.

teach them

This is the last day of July! I can’t believe how fast time is flying this summer! I blink and weeks have gone by. I go to bed at night completely exhausted and my to-do list is just as long as it was that morning, sometimes longer. But in reviewing the Visiting Teaching message this month, I am feeling a bit of relief and allowing myself the rest of a job well done. If there’s one thing I’m focusing on, it’s my family. I have been tirelessly thinking of my children and working to make sure they feel loved and protected. I have been trying to teach them the beauties of having a personal relationship with God and show through example the rewards that come through living with integrity.

Obviously I’m human, so I make mistakes all the time. But. It is in my thoughts and intentions and I am trying. And it is a LOT of hard work! The most important things are always a lot of hard work—the things that bring the most joy, that give me that sweet sense of peace, that allow me to look myself in the eyes and not waver. So all the grumpy moods and forgetfulness, all the negatives that I have swirling around me and myself don’t matter anymore. I’m teaching my children. I’m doing my best at bringing them up in light and truth (along with myself as well). I’m showing them my version of love and we’re finding out what service is all about. What a crazy blessing motherhood is in my life. There are moments when I think I might go mad! But then there are moments I can stand back and recognize the truth: Family is the best, the most, the biggest. It is the most important thing. And I am so blessed that it scares me.


keep the way of the Lord

For more information on what Visiting Teaching is, go here.

For this month’s message, go here.

light and truth 2

On a different but related subject, I’ve gotten lots of good feedback about these messages from my fellow Mormon gals, but some people are having a hard time downloading the images. I’m thinking of starting a VT mailing list for anyone who is interested in receiving the images directly in their inbox. If you would be interested in that, leave a comment of shoot me an email at brittany [at] and we’ll work on making it easy peasy puddings’ pie.


Dini said...

What a nice message to wake up to this morning. So beautiful Brittany!

Jeni said...

If you start a list, I would love to be added. I have used these a few times for my visiting teachers, but mostly for myself when my visiting teachers don't come that month! Thanks for being my substitute VTer!

Eliana said...

I'd love to be on a list...they are gorgeous and thoughtful.

Stephanie B. Cornais said...

These are just beautiful! I loved them so much I shared them on my blog (with a link back to you of course):

Emma Jo said...

Your world is just beautiful in so many ways. I love partaking.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i agree with emma. sometimes when i read your posts, i pretend i'm you for a few minutes. then life is good.

brittany said...

ha:) you guys are funny.

thanks, steph:)

I'll keep you guys updated when and if I ever get a VT newsletter started;)

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

I'd love it to be sent to my inbox.
BTW I have been making your flowers and teaching everyone how to do those and a few more fun ones I found on line. You are a great example to me, . . .I operate like you, I am very right brained and I need a creative outlet. I now just need to work on my hubby helping to create time for that creative outlet time.

thanks so much Kim

vanessa said...

I use them all the time, so email me them too!

Canadian Princess said...

i'd love to have them emailed to me.


jendoop said...

I would like to get the VT messages you create - lovely!

Thanks, Jen :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Britt, I would LOVE to receive these monthly!