Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fair warning


That’s right, you.

You can’t get me down. I will still get up and live.

Heat and humidity? You won’t beat me.

You beat my make up, but not me.

18 month old twins?
In the middle of summer vacation with three older siblings who want to play?

That’s right. Bring it. I. will. prevail.

Car trouble? That’s tough. We will make it work.

Swarm of ants on my kitchen counter?

You disgust me.

You just gave me the extra bit of adrenalin to stand up and take the power back!

I am woman! This is MY domain!

I will make it!
And be happy about it!

Chin up and back straight.

Got something to try to push me over the edge?
Go ahead, I dare you.

I just need to give you fair warning:

I’m tougher than I look.


Mary said...

I love it!! I am woman hear me roar!

Kara said...

I already knew that! And, by the way, you look really good while being tough! I saw the video you sent Brooke and you're exhausted and all I could look at was how pretty you were!

Dini said...

You go girl!

Mikael said...

you are far tougher than me. YOu rock!

Dallas and Krista said...

Ye. Haw.

kaly said...

Just stumbled upon your blog (a link from Jessica Sprague) and I LOVE it! You are so creative, so down-to-earth, so fun, so strong, and yet you have just the right punch of spirituality! Love it!