Friday, July 23, 2010

post cards


Crazy week?  Make a post card.



I swear that making these for Mindy's post card swap brought me sanity.


Funny how life works.



mindy said...

ooooh! these are so fun!!! you always rock my world mama.

jquinn said...

THANK YOU... the first postcard to arrive from WishStudio was your "love" card... I delight in the stitching, colors, texture and message... love pure love... I intend for this project to launch me back into my pitiful neglected blog (I'm one of those "do everything" mommas... some things: aka my blog... get the short end, kids & art never)

Anonymous said...

i just LOVE your post cards!! i hope i get one!!
hope to see you this month!
xo and smiles~ jill