Friday, December 31, 2010

all dressed up.


Once upon a plain old day, me and my little people made some stuffed animals.  Recently the owner of this one asked me to make a dress.  Because every pink bunny needs a dress to wear.

And so I did.

The dress part the sleeve of an old baby sweater.  The yellow top is the front of an old button down shirt for a toddler.  Crocheted straps and ta-da! 

I giggled a lot while I made it.  There's something wonderful about re-purposing stuff for such a little wearer.


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Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

That is too cute. I love how totally cutsie creative you are. I need way to much symetry and perfection (curse you OCD). Adorable...dolly and dress...and kids alike ;o)