Sunday, January 2, 2011

My babies are turning two this month.


They are fraternal. They shared my womb. Except for 48 minutes when “baby B” took her moment to stretch out and do a little Irish jig in there. (It could have been 45 minutes. It’s all a little fuzzy.)

Some people can’t tell them apart.

I don’t think they look very much alike.

They teach each other all kinds of good things. And bad things too.

They are like yin and yang. Opposites but in a good way, balancing each other out. We have Art and Science represented through them. We have extrovert and introvert. We have intuition and intellectualism. And because we see the contrast, it makes it more obvious.

Having twins is really entertaining. All day long I hear, “Mom, come see what the babies are doing!” We’re constantly imitating them and their cuteness.

Having twins is really messy. They’re like a little team of chaos makers. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the edge of insanity.

And then I remember how blessed and lucky I am and how much I really, really love them and it practically makes my heart burst from love and joy.

The other day one of them looked at me and smiled such a bright and genuine smile and focused in on me so I felt like I was the only thing in the world that mattered and said, “I la loo, mommy.” (Which, in case you didn’t figure that one out means, “I love you, mommy.”) Hello, beautiful being. Hello, person who depends on me to teach you how to BE. Hello, meaning of life.

Motherhood is so full of ups and downs; black and white; joy and pain; so full of opposition, so you can really feel the highs and lows. It is so full of opportunities to grow and learn and improve that it is ridiculous. It kind of takes over and makes you put stuff aside until you know whatever that thing is that is SO IMPORTANT that you are willing to fight for it and not let it disappear into the abyss.


Having twins has been kind of like having a bucket of icy water dumped over my sleeping body. Shock! Okay, I’m awake! I’m moving! There is no room for down time when you’re the mom of twins. I feel like I’ve lost touch with everything outside of my bubble and I just keep hoping that it will all be there when the dust settles.

I will be forever grateful for the blessing these two are in my life.

Here's to two crazy wonderful years; Happy Birthday month, girls! 
(Now, will you please wake up happy tomorrow?  Please?)


the wrath of khandrea said...

no possible way they are 2.
they were JUST BORN!

Emma Jo said...

I love them. (and the chalkboard wall!)

jill nalette said...

happy 2 years of life to them and way to go for you, beautiful mama!
xo and smiles~ jill

Beth Nicholls said...

What a perfect tribute to two gorgeous little ones! That blackboard is so cool
Happy 2011 BrittanyXx

A-Kap said...

As I was listening to my chorus of crying babies this morning, I thought, "Britt's halfway to the magical 4 year mark of "easy" twinhood!" Lucky you!!!! I, on the other hand, have one heckuva long way to go.....

Dallas and Krista said...

I have no clue how it would be to have twins, but I can still understand so much of what you said here. And it was true. And it was beautiful.