Monday, March 28, 2011

some good moments over the past couple weeks

Life is emerging

When the snow melted enough that I could see life emerging.  Hello, spring.  (Thank the heavens.)

St patties day

This smile.

Her verbal expression is constantly amazing me.  She just turned two and she is expressing herself so well that it makes me laugh every day. 

For example, the other day she told me she wanted to eat, so I grabbed some leftover macaroni from the fridge and I leaned down and showed it to her and said, "Okay, here's some macaroni.  Does this look good to you?"  She grabbed a noodle and stuck it in her mouth and went, "mmm.  I yike it."  (her L's sound like yyyyy's (or ll's in spanish;)).  I said, "All right, let me spoon it into a bowl and I'll warm it up for you."  And as she climbed onto a chair at the table , with every word anunciated and perfectly spaced out, she said, "No, I yike it yike that.  I want to eat it cold."

wwhhhaaaa?  How old are you?  I just laughed and let her eat it cold.

The other day in the car, the girls were grumpy, and I often sing to them and it seems to help. So I was musing to myself, "Hmmmmm.  What should I siiiiiiinnnnng..."  and she says, "a want aaa aaah flowers are naughty."  Which I understood perfectly.  She wanted me to sing In the Leafy Treetops.  Here are the lyrics:

In the leafy treetops the birds sing good morning.
They're first to see the sun, they must tell everyone.
In the leafy treetops the birds sing good morning.

In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding.
"How do you do," they say, "how do you do today."
In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding.

Those naughty flowers. They should know better.


Don't think me horrible, but when the last two went down with this stomach bug, I was relieved that the end was in sight.  That was a long, hard and horrible thing.  I am grateful for good health.

Endless sky

I never tire of the beauty of nature.

That little munchkin dragged that huge chair over there.  That cupboard has vitamins (which she loves!) and other things that I don't want her to reach.  (Like marshmellows.)  I am running out of places that these two year olds can't get to.

Morning light makes me happy.

Morning light.

Yesterday, #4 started crying uncontrolably and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  I was getting annoyed when my boy said, "I think she's scared of Al Capone!"

Then came the series of questions: Are you scared?  Does that guy scare you?  You don't like Al Capone?

Her reply:  That guy scares me.  I don't yike him.

Al Capone project

My boy has been working on a school project about Al Capone.  He has been doing lots of research and made an Al Capone from a hot chocolate can.  (Index cards with facts about Al go inside.)
Feeding the baby dolls
This was serious business.  She didn't want anyone touching her baby dolls while she fed them.

Edamame & orange break

Can you tell how much I love instagram?  It's like the perfect visual journal for me.  I always have my beloved iphone around and can just snap a picture.  I also got a cute video of this little snack time--I put it on youtube so I could show you:

Here's to a good week!



Emma Jo said...

Darling darling darling. I love seeing these slices of your life.

Leah said...

Isn't it amazing how raising children is like living a Charles Dickens novel..."its the best of time and the worst of times"...but we get through the bad times, knowing that the good times are sure to shine down on us too.
Once again beautiful pics. My own mischievous two-year-old keeps making me play your you tube video over again.