Friday, August 5, 2011


sleepy smooch
sleepy morning smooches

i found them like this: escaping a cat + mouse in the night
I found them like this yesterday morning.  Apparently the cat was chasing a mouse and lost it.  Several times.  In their room.  And then she brought the mouse downstairs and lost it downstairs, too.  Escaping a cat + mouse in the night = kitchen counter safety

beauty sleep
beauty sleep



Emma Jo said...

The sleeping on the counter is hilarious and I love the beauty sleep too.

Rachie said...

I love them all, what great pictures!
But yes the one of the girls on the counter is hilarious! I can't believe neither fell off! So cute!

manyslices said...

Ok, I was thoroughly confused when saw your counter top picture. Then I read the caption. Too funny. I can just imagine YOUR confused reaction in the morning.
oh...sweet sleep