Tuesday, August 2, 2011



The other day I was talking to my friend and really spilling about how sick I’ve been. She was trying to take good care of me and she said, “You’re so stoic, Brittany! You really need to speak up about what you need.”

It caught me off guard. No one had ever called me stoic before.

When I hung up the phone I couldn’t get it off my mind. I really don’t like complaining. When my kids whine it drives me batty. I can only take so much when I’m around someone who complains and it makes me want to run away and hide from them. I don’t like to focus on negatives. I hardly remember the bad times in my life because once they are over and done with, I let them go.

My mom has told me before that if she doesn’t hear from me for a while, she knows something is wrong because I get quiet. But it doesn’t make sense to me: what does complaining do besides annoy people? It doesn’t change anything or make it better.



I think we’re on to something.

But it was Thumper who taught me, “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, then don’t say nuthin’ at all.”

My mind starts reeling with the doctor visits and the pain. I’m telling them that I’m in a lot of pain, but they aren’t getting the message. I guess they don’t know that I’ve awakened from anesthesia, body convulsing, fresh wound where a baby had just been cut out of me. That’s a 10 on the pain scale. Staring death in the face. That’s a 10. I guess they haven’t seen me breathe through hard labor contractions with nary an mg of meds in me. My physical therapists weren’t there when I drove home on a fractured ankle and tried to walk on it when I got out of the car. I’ve had some big pain in my life and I’m pretty sure I have a grasp on what a 10 is and I knew I wasn’t there. But I started to realize that I was slowly getting there because I was loosing hope. I was loosing motivation. It was taking a big toll and it scared me to be feeling so bad all the time.

Did the doctors not know what I needed because I was too busy enduring it? Trying to cope without becoming someone I hate? Becoming someone who quiets themselves and shuts off the good and the bad?

It’s hard to put someone else out. To say, “I can’t, will you?” Because truthfully, I know what a body can do. It’s a lot. It’s more than you think. So sometimes I feel like it’s me saying, “I don’t want to, you do it.” I have fully and happily accepted my responsibilities as a wife and mother. It is an honor to me (unless I’m grumpy, then it’s just a lot of work;) and it makes me feel bad to wrap up a little bundle of responsibilities that I took on and hand them over to someone else who didn’t have a choice.

Even as I type this it sounds ridiculous. We help each other out as humans and as friends. I know. There are sicknesses and exceptions. But there’s that piece of me that is ready to cringe because someone might say, “She has taken on too much. She can’t handle what she has. Her burden is too much. Why does she have five children if she can’t handle it? It’s her own doing.”

But then in my minds eye I see the faces of never ending lovely friends and family who are so sincere and kind. And I realize that’s just my stupid gremlins talking. What’s up with negative self talk being so sneaky? It’s as if someone is actually saying these things out loud and then I realize that it’s just my own fears talking me out of having faith in the goodness of the decent folks out there. (decent folks like you, dear reader.)

So I practiced showing passion about my needs and I told Jake to take drop everything and take over for me. Because I needed him to.

Then I snuggled with children who were tired and crying. Because I know what that’s like, after all. And a good snuggle with your mom always seems to help.

Hammock therapy

Then I picked ripe blueberries off the bushes in my back yard. And with each little pluck I felt a quiet satisfaction.

Pickin the blues
And I realized that I would get better.

And a little passion started brewing deep inside.

And it felt good.


ANG said...

Everyone needs help sometimes. Everyone. No matter how much we thought we had things under control. Plus, those times make us less judgemental of others later when it's our turn to help. Hang in there.

Devin & Katie said...

you, mrs soucy, are incredible. i feel like you are one of the few people in this life that actually has the courage to say the things out loud that we all think sometimes. and that is a quality i admire. you WILL get better. and that's definitely something to be passionate about.

Rachie said...

Stoic, I think that fits well. This is a wonderful post, I love to read your blog. Though we don't get down to see you much these days, it's nice to read how things are from time to time. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I'm glad you are asking for help we all truly need it sometimes as hard as it is to ask for. You are and have always been a great example to me britt! Actually Jarek and I look up to both you and Jake very much! I'm glad your passion is brewing and your healing. let me know if there is anything we can do for you :) xoxo

xianfern said...

coming from someone who is just getting over another bought of lymes disease, and who considers themselves to be quite stoic on most occasions, I say to you, dear sweet Britt..cut yourself some slack!! You are amazing on your worst day..sometimes you just have to roll over and let everyone take care of you. You have by far earned that! I know how hard it is. I felt guilty, and lucky, at the same time when my husband took care of me, and our 4 kids. I hope you're doing better.. and I hope that you are on some serious meds, and seeing someone who knows what they're doing! Lyme can be a tricky thing!! thinking of you!! xoxo

Dallas and Krista said...

Love this kind of exploration writing. The kind where you figure out what you feel and what you are saying in the middle of finally saying it. You are so good. It makes me want to stop being so tired and busy and blog again so i can figure out how I'm feeling :) Furthermore, as much alike as we are- I don't know how you cope with the fact that I complain enough for both of us put together!! Such a bad habit that I am so aware of. Thanks for always talking to me anyway :) GET BETTER. You will :)