Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I killed a mouse with a shovel.



Don’t judge me too harshly yet; he had his leg caught in a mouse trap and the cat had been tormenting him for quite a while when I caught him with leather gloves. I stuck him in a bunch of grocery bags, bloody trap and all, and gave him a good whack out on the driveway. I broke the shovel. Then I felt like a horrible person.

And my day went back and forth, up and down, good and bad for the rest of the day.

The first day of school was canceled. Isn’t that something? The first day? Does that mean they have to make it up next June? Oh, Irene.


I wiped up about 15 pools of urine throughout the day. (potty training twins.)

But I also got to cheer about 35 times when they went wee-wee and poop on the potty.

And I got to hang out with my mom.


I made fresh peach sorbet and peach freezer jam. (now my mouth is watering.)

And there are two crock pots filled with apple butter that is making the house smell divine. (They are from my own ancient apple trees! Which I’ve never been able to harvest because they are…ancient…and huge and the apples are craggy and small and I can’t ever reach them. But we had a hurricane yesterday and she knocked them to the ground for me. Hence the apple butter making the house smell delicioso.)


I cried when I saw that I had a 7 year old form of Irene let loose up stairs and I couldn’t even walk around for lack of free floor space. (mama’s tired.)

But then I got to be the hero when I found my daughter’s beloved lost blankie so she could sleep on the night before the second first day of school.


Jill Iversen said...

Tiring day...but I say it was good. :)

Wendy said...

Eww...That's so sad and gross all at the same time. Sorry you got stuck with that job. I'm glad you're safe and sound. I was worried about you guys. Say hi to LInda for me!

Rachie said...
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Rachie said...

Oh you are such a strong WOMAN! 15 pools of pee, ugh! We can't wait to see you all on saturday! Will your mom still be around? Love you and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful husband with us late last night to hook us up with some power :) We are so grateful!

Bee said...

glad you all are okay after the storm. our yard looked about the same...
and now i want apple butter. i don't know about you, but i can't wait for fall.

ANG said...

making apple butter out of hurricanes...a new euphemisn is born! I'm with you sistuh, with the potty training. I'm facing that with a certain 3 year old at my house. Chin up - the mouse will thank you in heaven. :)

Carrie Ann said...

I am so sad about your tree! And sad you had to do a dirty, but necessary, deed. Hooray for silver linings (and apples!). said...

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