Tuesday, April 17, 2012

studio news

In progress...
in progress

I have had my work hanging in the WISHstudio in Newburyport, MA. The perfectly quaint New England-y town of Newburyport will have their first Artwalk of the year on the weekend of April 21 & 22. At the WishStudio, there will be an Artisan Trunk Show on Saturday, the 21st. Click here to get more information on the fun and festivities.

Also on the evening of Friday, April 27th, I will be at the WishStudio for an artist reception. Click here for details! I would love for you to come by and say hello.

My take
in progress

Lastly, one of my favorite local artists, Rose Bryant is hosting her annual Art on Union Street and she has asked me to show a piece of art there on Mother’s Day weekend. Click here for the details.

It is mind boggling to me that I actually have studio news. I have been placing one foot in front of the other for so long, trying to do the best I can to survive the frantic pace of the life of a mother of 5 (with 3-year-old twins, she thinks as her eyes cross), and somehow things have fallen into place. To have allowed myself the indulgence of diving into a creative community has helped me learn more about being an artist and made me realize on a deeper level that it’s not an indulgence to make time to create.  It is part of nurturing the soul in a world where nurturing is not common.  A soul needs nurturing to thrive, I tell you. I’m grateful for the support I feel from you, friends, online and face to face.


Jaime said...

That's such exciting news, Brittany! Wish I could be there so I could come and see in at the show.

You're right. It's not an indulgence to create. And with all the chaos it's necessary just to keep your head above water. And if you can create, and be a better person in the process, you will bless your family, and the whole world.

Taryn said...

Congrats!... and so true about it not being an indulgence to create (or nurture yourself)! So many people need to remind themselves of this daily. We need nurtured selves :) I am totally in love with your painting of the stones. So cool and beautiful!

Brit said...

a mama always needs room to be creative. :) the paintings look great!