Monday, November 28, 2005

To Sum Up...

-I just got back from a very long and satisfying trip to Park City
-My kids are freakin’ out
-my house is very dusty, and a cleaning lady would be a dream come true
-I’m getting Lasik done at the end of December, and I can hardly wait
-I can’t stand wearing these glasses, I want to rip my own head off
-My brother just got a job in Arizona. Yeah, Caleb, poor me. Now I have to stop imagining that one person in my family might move back east.
-I have endless leaves in my yard and it makes me tired just looking at them
-I haven’t been able to work out in two weeks and I can’t wait to get to the gym
-I disappointed my husband, cause I didn’t really think it was worth the money to get a remote for my ipod. I wonder if I should have just said thank you, I love it! He was being nice and sweet
-Two of my sisters are pregnant.
-Kara’s blog talks about the frustrations of not being able to talk to her friends who have had difficulty getting pregnant about getting pregnant. I can relate. Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful and crappy things at the same time. There are blessings either way, if you ask me—whether you are as fertile as the Tennessee Valley, or if you are a rocky place where seed can find no purchase (or however the heck HI said it) If you want to know my views in depth about that, I’ll have to do a whole other blog, considering this is not a very good sum up already.
-My family is so fun
-I’m glad that there is moisture in the air in beautiful New England
-I feel stressed out, cause I am way behind with every facet of my life
-My littlest daughter just learned how to pick her nose and wipe it on my pants
-The scrapbook stores and craft stores in Utah really ARE a lot better than in New Hampshire.
-Maybe in a few more years I will be able to take a book on a 5 hour plane ride and actually be able to open it
-I am freezing and I’m going to go make a fire and start crossing things off my list


Abby said...

Wouldn't it be nice to trade problems sometimes? Then I could be in a beautiful house in New England and you could be in aanapartment in Stafford TX listening to Indian people YELL constantly--tirelessly--and try and discern if they are angry or if they just can't help but yell when they talk!

Anonymous said...

Send the cleaning lady my way when you're done with her (and the nanny and cook too!!)

Carrie Ann said...

I enjoyed you for the briefest moment I got to spend with you. SOrry my time is not really my own right now. I REALLY feel bad to have missed the clan. I hope you had fun singing your heart out!

brittany said...

Cute, Carrie, I'm just glad I got to see you at all. Thanks for being such a good friend!