Saturday, December 3, 2005

Firsts & Stuff

1) Color: I still can’t choose—color is wonderful. I love all color
2) Food: Salads—I just love salad! But I do eat chocolate every day, dang it.
3) Musical Group: Indigo Girls (This, choosing favorites, is harder than I though it would be!)
4) Song right now: I have over 200 songs on my top rated list on itunes that I’ve been listening to…My cell phone rings Just Like Heaven by the Cure. I can’t stop listening to I Like a Sleigh Ride by Peggy Lee (Thanks, Krista!)
5) Movie: The Saint W/ Val Kilmer, no--Empire of the Sun. It makes me weep every time I see it. Wait. I have spent hours watching Gone with the Wind. HOURS. I love that movie. But when I see Sleepless in Seattle, or A River Runs Through It I feel like I'm home again...
6) Sport: Snowboarding/Soccer
7) Season: Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring I don’t like missing any of them. It was a problem in Cali.
8) Day of the Week: Saturday
9) Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Fudge Brownie
10) Time of Day: 8:01 p.m. all three kids in bed

1) Current Mood: relaxed
2) Current Scent: sleep and bacon that Jake just cooked
3) Current Clothes: PJ’s
4) Current Desktop: the Mountains
5) Current Music: Holiday mix on my ipod (I’m a good ad for them, I guess)
6) Current Time: 8:58 am
7) Current Surroundings: It’s Saturday morning; the kids are watching pbs; Jake’s in the shower; the cat snuck in and drank the leftover milk from someone’s cheerios; it’s sunny and cold and there’s playdoh all over the counter
8) Current Thoughts: I am wondering if anyone really cares about this and feeling stupid about putting this on a public forum after all, and trying to edit my thoughts, so that you don’t get TOO big of a glimps inside me and my world
9) Current Event Happening today: going to get a Christmas Tree

1) First Best Friend: Betsy. Then we moved to Medfield, which was for the best.
2) First Kiss: Eric (if you can even count this) in 2nd grade—playing kissing games in the barn while my parents were in Japan. (If, indeed this is to be counted,then, Brooke, that makes four(?) boys we've both kissed(as Brooke was playing kissing games with Eric,too, if I remember right.)) My first REAL, no-fooling-around-with-kid-stuff kiss was with Kenton. nuff said. (Wow. That took a lot of editing)
3) First Screen Name: britt
4) First Pet: Freebee, our first cat
5) First Piercing: Ears peirced when I was 6. We’ll stop right there
6) First Crush: Eric, of course. Then Craig and that ended with me crying to “All at Once” by Whitney Houston. (I touched on my crush situation in Carrie's blog a little while back--some funny reading there, Carrie O)
7) First Music: My first tapes came to me on my Birthday after I told Brooke what I really, really wanted. They were Depeche Mode, People are People; and New Order, Technique
8) First Car: Black Jeep Wrangler (It was my parents’, not mine, but it was specifically for Brooke and I to drive.) I loved driving that thing.

1) Last Class: a sculpture class at the U of Utah,where the teacher trashed everyone in the class except her favorite two guys. I hated that class.
2) Last Drink: Water, yumm
3) Last Trip: To Park City, Utah for Thanksgiving. Good times.
4) Last Kiss: Jake, this morning
5) Last Movie seen at the Theater: Wallace and Grommitt
6) Last Phone Call: Brooke
7) Last CD Played: The Book of Mormon on CD—you should try it. I highly recommend it.

1) Have you ever dated one of your best guy friends? Rich comes right to mind. It only officially lasted about 3 days. The kissing lasted a lot longer. (Along with distainful looks from Matt H.)
2) Have you ever broken the law? Not unless you count TP-ing and speeding.
3) Have you ever been arrested? Nope.
4) Have you ever skinny-dipped? Yep.
5) Have you ever been on TV? Nope.
6) Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know? Oh, yes.

1) 1 thing you're wearing: a bobby pin to hold my bangs back
2) 1 thing you've done today: slept in (for me)
3) 1 thing you're bothered by: That #3 tries to climb up and type every time I use the computer
4) 1 Thing you can't live without: Prayer
5) 1 Thing you do when you're bored: Get on the computer.

1) Australia.
2) Africa.
3) Italy.
4) Mexico.
5) Mew Zealand.

1) My sisters (yes, I’m counting them as one)
2) Candice
3) Wendy
4) Carrie

1) Black or White? White
2) Hot or Cold? Hot (because I’m wishing I had a hot fire going right now.)

Be content


Anonymous said...

Brittany: I love it! I laughed the whole time. I love the part about no kids stuff kissing because you're a kisser just like me. I've spent my life kissing whoever would kiss me. I love kisses! Anyway, it was hilarious and perfect. You're much more interesting than I am.

Abby said...

I love this and want to copy it too--I can just picture it all, like a coffee commercial (or a mormon "mockaccino" commercial), where it's a cozy morning with beautiful happy snuggly pj'ed family--weep. And I'm so curious as to the context in which you kissed someone you didn't know--how very scandalous! Is it a story you would only tell one of the afore mentioned people on your list?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why I'm not listed. Perhaps that is a good thing.-Jake