Saturday, March 25, 2006

Name That Song

The Rules:

1. Please DO NOT guess in the comment section. E-mail me (see my profile page for my e-mail address).
2. I really send a prize, so be honest and fair.
3. Previous winners may still play.
4. Be the FIRST to e-mail me with the correct song title & artist and win.
Good Luck!

This month's lyric is:

“Kathy, I’m lost,”
I said, though I knew she was sleeping.
“I’m empty and aching and I don’t know why.”


brittany said...

Yippeeee! Amy won! The answer is:

America By Simon & Garfunkel

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Well now that I know the name of the song I can remember that the words belong to it! Gees - just list the name of the song and I can give you words from the song. How's that for a contest? Like this: name some words from this song - America by Simon $ Garfunkel. Then I would reply: "I've gone to look for America" and I would then win!

Abby said...

A shout out to B for the AWESOME prize. Thank you--I love it so much that I carry it with me everywhere I go, just in case I have the opportunity to pull it out and show it off (you know, so people think I have cool stuff). You are amazingly talented! (Aren't you all just dying to know what your prize could be now? I can testify that you will not be disappointed) pressure, B.