Thursday, May 25, 2006

Name That Song

The Rules:

1. Please DO NOT guess in the comment section. E-mail me (see my profile page for my e-mail address).
2. I really send a prize, so be honest and fair.
3. Previous winners may still play.
4. Be the FIRST to e-mail me with the correct song title & artist and win.
Good Luck!

This month's lyric is:

We used to laugh a lot
But only because we thought
That everything good
Always would remain


Anonymous said...


brittany said...

congratulations Tracey! The correct answer is Mudfootball by Jack Johnson.

Thanks for playing!

Bohemian Girl said...

fabulous song.

i love mr. gorgeous jack johnson. saw him in concert close up. he's a doll with a huge heart and amazing talent.

knew a girl in design school that was his next door neighbor in Hawaii. she said he would always play gee-tar on his porch and serenade his wifey.


tracey said...

Yippee! Me so happy!

p.s. Jack Johnson...yum.

Anonymous said...

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