Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: Introduce Yourself

I can hardly stand the thought of talking about myself right now. How about you ask a question and I'll answer it in the comments...

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Bohemian Girl said...

(beautiful and fun picture).

what is your favorite drink in the morning?

what is your favorite dish?

did you ever hang out at Espresso Roma on College Ave in Berks?

what shoes do you wear the most?


tracey said...

where do you find your biggest source of inspiration?

brittany said...

favorite drink in the morning: milk

favoite dish: hmmmm. depends on my mood, but I could always go for a nice fresh delicious salad

Espresso Roma: doesn't ring a bell, but I have a HORRIBLE memory about stuff like that

shoes: flip flops. Reefs--even in the rain, and even in the snow if it's melted a little. I did read your thing about rainbows, so I may have to look into those...

Hmmm. That's a hard one, because I feel like it comes from so many sources. I guess it depends on what kind of inspirtation it is. If it is spiritual in nature or an answer to prayer, I believe in personal revelation. Then my inspriation comes from kneeling in prayer and asking and then listening/recieving. If it's something creative, it could come from just about anything I see or read of hear. Words can be put together in a way that suprizes me and moves me. Nature, my children, all you awesome girlies blogging about your lives and thoughts, conversations with my peeps...

I'll have to keep thinking about that.

Anonymous said...

Cute photo! Okay Britt - what's the best thing about your life right now? You know, that thing that makes you smile?

Love ya!

lucky candice

brittany said...

-my "miss kim" is in bloom right outside my kitchen window and its fragrance fills the entire kitchen with its heavenly smell.
-I went to Enrichment last night and attended the best class I've been to in so long. It gave me so many new insights
-my garden
-reading your blog
-when my house is finally clean, and I sit down and enjoy it (for 5 minutes, cause that's how long it lasts)
-my family--all of them
-when abby sings to the Backyardiggins
-compliments from my hubby

I guess I'll stop. I can never choose favorites!

brittany said...

Oh, I almost forgot!
-my barn/studio

Tish said...

Very nice to meet you!

What is your biggest regret in life?

brittany said...

my biggest regret in life is kissing my good friend's prom date at our after-the-prom party. That didn't go over very well with my friend or my date. I will never live it down! My advice to the prom goers: BE STRONG! And maybe go straight home after prom...

Suzie Petunia said...

I'd like more details about the prom date. Please. :)

Where is your favorite place you have lived?

brittany said...

Oh, it is quite a long story, but to over simplify, I am a kisser. I am a sucker for kisses, and always have been. There was no reason to kiss my wonderful friend, Shelby's date, besides the fact that it was in the middle of the night and there was no one else around at the moment an we started flirting. (a natural tendency that I have tried ever so hard to stop doing since I am happily married)

I felt especially badly, because, of course my friend and my date were hurt very badly by my lapse in judgement. (I also got a lot of slack by many many people who had nothing to do with it, and a few offers for more kisses because of this incident.)

favorite place I have lived: I told you, I have a hard time choosing favorites!! But it is probably here where I live now. I live an hour north of Boston right on the coast. It has four seasons, a lot of character, the ocean...I love my house and my yard and and my town.

There are great things about every place I have lived, and there are frustrating things about every place I have lived. The thing that is the hardest about living here is being soooooo far from my family...

that was a really long answer.