Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Good Karma

Part of my wish came true in the form of four awesome missionaries doing service.

They showed up and went to work and buzzed around the place. Now my pool area looks like we may be able to actually swim in the near future. For those of you who don't have a pool in New England: you are supposed to "close" the pool sometime in the fall, "open" the pool in the Spring. (We aren't very good at this.) If you are lucky, you will get a few good swimming months. Is it worth it??? I still vascilate between: I would never want to deal with this humidity without a pool; and I hate dealing with the squirrels falling in and dying and finding them half decomposed and cleaning out the rotting leaves--this is just too much work.

So thank you, kind Elders, for being willing to help the Bishop and his little family.


Tori said...

Sure wish you could send your pool our way to the heat of Arizona. We would take care of it for you. :)

MiandMiksmom said...

Serving others is awesome...especially when you now have a clean pool to play in! Have fun and post pictures!

Suzie Petunia said...

And they can't even enjoy the fruit of their labors! What good guys, I mean missionaries.

Your husband is bishop?

Anonymous said...

Dude - You have a pool? It's 98 degrees today and the kids are going nuts - I'll be over in a minute.


brittany said...

I would love it if all you guys could come swimming...come on over!

SP:yes, he is bishop--that's why I need help doing things like opening the pool. He's soooooo busy!!!

Left-handed Trees... said...

It's not a whole lot different down here in the Mid-Atlantic. The pool opens in May, but is bitter until late-June...then, it's all over by early September. Still, worth it with children, isn't it? (I have to confess, we just "belong" to a pool...show up, swim, soak in the sun, then go home without having to do anything). I'd like a pool at home--but, the grass is always greener...

Bohemian Girl said...

how very giving of them and wonderful that your wish came true.

your husband is Bishop? what denomination? are you LDS?

hope you have a wonderful weekend, love.


brittany said...

Yes, we're LDS. It seems to spark lots of questions, but I'm always up for it if you have any...:)