Sunday, June 4, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: First Memory

I had a wonderful childhood. I can’t imagine anyone having a more blessed life than what I have lived. I have many snippets of memory tugging at me, but one that I love includes my sweet father.

It was bedtime, and although I am not an only child, at this moment I feel like one. I am lying in my father’s arms, and it is dark all around us. We are in a rocking chair, gently squeaking the rhythm of his back-and-forward motion. He is singing me a lullaby, and when the song is finished, I beg him to sing it one more time. With a sigh, he begins again, and I sink deeper into the comfort of his arms.

I love you, dad.

Dad with Flat Anna
golfing at Pebble Beach (with flat #1)

holding up the latest baby

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Bohemian Girl said...


i am full of joy knowing you had an amazing childhood. i could tell in that picture you posted a while ago with you, your mother and your sisters how very close you were.

your dad must have been in his glories with all of you girlies.

you are blessed.


MiandMiksmom said...

Sweet memory...wish I could hang on to all of those precious moments.

Anonymous said...

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