Thursday, September 28, 2006

Grateful Friday


horray for new kittens! So fun.


My sister just flew home today with her littles. I wish we lived closer. Even though they all got so sick and our two-year-olds fought constantly, I had such a great time with them. My little nephew goo’ed at me and gave me big open mouth drooly smiles, and my little niece said my name in a way that made me smile every time she said it.



Last night it took us three and a half hours to watch Memoirs of a Geisha between kids waking up and phone calls and laundry, but we ate lots of chocolate and had lots of laughs while the pause button was working.

Instead of picking apples, we blew noses. Instead of making lotion, we doled out Motrin to break fevers. Instead of making yummy meals, we laid on the couch trying to sleep it off. Somehow I still loved it. I miss you already, Kara.


I love being creative, and this blog inspires me. I get to take words and pictures and post them here and share them with my family and friends and then I get to go into my barn and be creative with it. How great is that?


I love this picture. I found it not too long ago, and because we have cool stuff like scanners and email, I get to share it with everyone!


Anonymous said...

That makes two of us that miss Kara :) Love the scrapbook page. I would DIE to have a barn to go to and be creative. How awesome is that?!

emma jo said...

Sisters are amazing. Love the beach. Love that you have a "creating barn". Love the picture (it is so Kara, Brittany, Brooke, Krista, I can't believe it--what hotties.)

Kara said...

Ditto about the time spent together. This picture still trips me out. It's me, 30 years ago!