Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Many Uses of a Stick


As the mother of a son
I have seen
the life that comes
from something that has given
life to leaves
and covered one
from the scorching heat of the sun
and has now
given up on life
and falls to the ground
only to be plucked
from the grass
to be used in a way
that brings new life

An oar
rowing to safety
through the green slime

A microphone
helping a song
flow through to the air for all to hear

A weapon
used in defense
of one’s kingdom and treasure

A walking stick
to help one through the desert
in search of life giving water

A prop
for the pictures
On one’s first day of school



Isaac's first day of school



Tori said...

This is such a cute post, and such a cute little guy. Makes me laugh, as I have seen many uses of a stick around here too. We had a whole pile of them smuggled into our van from our last camping trip as souvenirs.

First day of school...first ever? Is he in kindergarten? oh, bittersweet, huh?

Suzie Petunia said...

Where is the line about the light saber?? Very cute kid - very fine poem... even without the light saber.

brittany said...

Oh, the saber of light. alas, I forgotten a simple pleasure of all boys.

Oh, well, it's just a silly poem!

He actually missed the cut-off for kindergarten by 6 days! bummer. so fist day of his second year of preschool with his favorite teacher ever. I should blog about her! He was already out of the car and hugging her before I could get around to help him out of his seat. (See--I knew he didn't need help getting his seatbelt undone!)

I love the idea of stick souveniers!

Abby said...

Love the pics, as always. Love the poetry!

Anonymous said...

It's a boy thing I guess. Cole is really into sticks. Except he likes to whack everyone with them. Then he'll start whacking at the grass or anything stationary. Happy school days!!!!


MiandMiksmom said...

So cute...almost makes me want a boy...almost!

Left-handed Trees... said... nailed this one. I loved the idea of recycling "life". Next time my boy-o insists on bringing home a stick from every single place we visit, I'll remember that he's just doing his part. Your pictures were sweet--as for the missing the cut-off, be grateful that he gets another preschool year to grow and create before "real" school. I only wish my April boy had come in the Fall!