Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SPC: with someone


This is my boy. I have a weakness for him. A literal weakness that comes with an ache in my chest and makes me feel soft all over.

He was such a good baby. I remember thinking over and over, “you mean THIS is how easy babies can be?” as I tried not to feel resentment for my previous experience at motherhood. He was friendly and free with his love and smiles and approvals.

He loves people. He’s a social creature, much more so than either of his parents. He is interested in life and the earth. He performs experiments daily. Some of them include mixing things in bowls, and others include trapping flies in Tupperware to observe them. He remembers a great deal about animals and plants and the earth in all its mysteries. He’ll have conversations about the tomatoes he planted in the garden and tell you why lava flows from a volcano. One of the only times he sits still for long stretches of time is when there is a nature show playing.

He’s easy for me to understand, although other people don’t seem to have as easy a time with that acceptance. He has so much energy that sometimes it’s like a tornado is coming your way and everyone ducks and watches and then assesses the damage. He has been a visitor in the emergency room several times in his short life and his father always takes him gently and lovingly as they wait out their hours in the hospital to return home calm and taken care of. Accidents do happen. But I know that it’s just that he has energy and it’s as simple as that. He wants to please people and feels crushed if he has caused anger inadvertently. I can see weaknesses that I have passed on to him that I got in trouble for and understand that it is not something one can expect him to control. So when I hear someone mention something like his attention span is not very big as though it is something he should know better about, I feel an ache for my child and a sadness that I can’t explain.

He is so gentle with his affection for me. He makes me giggle all the time with his little sense of humor. His eyes are bright and eager. His name means “He Who Laughs” and fits him perfectly.

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Jessa said...

Yes, his name does fit him perfectly. Isaac is a true gift. His laughter is contagious and his smile infectious. I like to be around him. When he sneaks me a quick smile in church, my heart does expand - he's a being to be loved.


Abby said...

I am so excited to have a little boy! (Not so eager for when he starts to "morph" and be a smelly pre-pubesent boy). I will savor the sweetness while I can--and while he still lets me hug and kiss him--even now that's rare!

kelly rae said...

what a lovely photo. he sounds delightful.

Carrie Ann said...

I, too, have a big soft spot in my heart for your darling little boy. He is alwyas happy to see me no matter how much time has passed. All your littles are like that.

Suzie Petunia said...

I would love to meet him! He and Henry would have fun together. They even resemble each other... hair and eyes and all.

Brooke Sampson said...

he is such a YELLOW!!!! I adore him. And you don't have to worry. People will say things about his energy level and his attention span etc, but I will tell you one thing, he will never be at a loss for good times and lots of friends. He will be loved by so many people in his life because of that energy. He will feel good about himself and know deep down that there are hard things with that personality type, but that also, he breathes life into the mundane. He will always have fun, it is who he is.

b/sistersshoes said...

What a doll

and I completely get the 'tornado' boy scene. I had one too.

He is 24 now...sheesh! but I still get the chills when he holds me in his big man arms and says, "I love you, Mom" (use a low voice :)

hee hee

I love boys...boys are great!


Left-handed Trees... said...

Beautiful picture...and story about your sweethearted boy (I have one too, so I know how tender this can be). About the attention-span comments, I can surely sympathize there. I am learning to just deflect these ideas other people have about my boy-o and love him like the gentle, loving child he is...thanks for sharing this.

Tori said...

I have heard from many people that boys are harder when they are younger because of all that energy. Supposedly they are easier when they are teenagers than girls. I hope this is true as I have three of them! I love having boys!

Krista said...

Why do small boys make a person feel so soft. The do love their Mammas. I love your boy. Kiss the little tornado for me- he is my kind of dude. PS I am still laughing that Brooke said he was a yellow. Hehehe- love it!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, darling Isaac. kisssskissskissskisssiekissskissss.
He feels an extension of myself....come to think of it, I guess he is! What a nice thought.