Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Name That Song

The Rules:
1. Please DO NOT guess in the comment section. E-mail me (see my profile page for my e-mail address).
2. I really send a prize, so be honest and fair. (If you can sing it when you read the lyrics, you know it.)
3. Previous winners may still play.
4. Be the FIRST to e-mail me with the correct song title & artist and win.

Good Luck!

This month's lyric is:

every word you say
i think i should write down
don't want to forget come daylight
and no need to worry
that's wastin time
and no need to wonder
what's been on my mind
it's you
it's you
it's you


Bohemian Girl said...

i got it and just emailed it to you! xoxoxox

brittany said...

yeah, for boho! She's our new champ!

the answer is Paperwieght by: Schuyler Fisk & Joshua Radin.

and what a lovely song it is.

It's on my "songs that make me think of jake" playlist on my itunes:)

Anonymous said...

Dangit! I just can't seem to win this contest (I almost wrote STUPID CONTEST but decided not to blame the contest).

Dangit! Dangit! Dangit!!


b/sistersshoes said...

How about some DISCO next time?

:D XO Darlene

b/sistersshoes said...

Happy Friday
xoxo darlene

Left-handed Trees... said...

I had no idea with this one--but I like Schuyler Fisk a lot...ahh, next time! ;) Maybe I'll get to enjoy a new song out of it though--not a bad deal at all.