Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SPC: Imperfection


I love music. I love my ipod. I love itunes. It makes my life better.

About a month ago, I had my trusty little ipod clipped onto my pocket while I was cleaning up around the house. I walked into the laundry/bathroom to grab some clothes out of the dryer, and I was listening to one of my new favorite songs for about the 50th time, singing very loudly as I worked. My hand brushed against my pocket, side-swiping my ipod, and my $6.oo clip just wasn’t strong enough. The ipod flew through the air, doing flips and I was watching as time slowed down. I drew in my breath as gravity caught hold of my Precious and pulled it down into the toilet. Other times, if I have found a toy or some random object that needed fishing out of the toilet, I have been very finicky and refused to touch the toilet water—that’s just gross. But at this moment, gross didn’t cross my mind (well, a few seconds later it did), and I plunged my hand straight into the bowl of nastiness to save my ipod friend.

It was too late. We tried everything. I had a warranty on it, but it didn’t cover dropping it into the toilet (which actually happens quite often, I found on google). My can-fix-anything husband took it apart, but to no avail. The screen would never light up again.

So last week, my parents were here visiting and they lovingly informed me that they wanted to get me a new ipod for my Birthday (in about a month). When the time was drawing near to take my mom to the airport and no ipod had been purchased, I said, “uh…hey, uh…what about the ipod?” My mom seemed a little uninterested and said we didn’t have time to get to the store, so I said, “you know, you can get anything on line these days…” And I proceeded to go to the online Apple store and get my mom’s credit card out of her wallet and purchase it for myself—from her.

I don’t know which part is the most imperfect part of me, but I felt pretty selfish. But I HAVE thanked my parents several times for the gift, even if I forced it on them a little; even if they did just spoil me rotten in a million different ways during the time they were here and it still wasn’t enough without my Precious.

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Anonymous said...

:) yay for heroic ipod rescues...and for parents who swoop in to save the day (even with a little help). what's a girl to do without her music? happy early birthday to you!

Loralee Choate said...

A girl has to do what she has to do!


rose colored glasses said...

Love the photo!

Bohemian Girl said...

this was the cutest story EVER.

i love your sense of humor here and play with words.

i totally get the obsession about the iPod. mine is the pink mini darling. i would plunge my hand into the nastiness of a toilet to save its life too. ; )

so glad you got your Precious back!!!

oh and your comment on my blog calling my doctor "McMiracle"??? seriously made my night.

xoxoxo Boho

Anonymous said...

Dude - that's funny. I'm glad you got another iPOD even if it was somewhat devious. where's the song????


emma jo said...

Thats really funny...I would love to know what sorts of things people have dropped in the toilet. I secretly want an iPod...its just so flat and nifty.

Abby said...

I seem to constantly feel that way with my parents...they are too good, and then I take and take and take some more!

Suzie Petunia said...

You must REALLY love your iPod! What are the chances of dropping it in the toilet, huh? I'm always afraid my flip flop will fall into the toilet when I'm flushing with my foot in public bathrooms. Am I the only one that does that?

Susannah said...

this made me laugh out loud :-) i love that you hassled your mom for the pod - i'd have done the same ;-) music is the music of life.... xo

Anonymous said...

My iPod died several months ago and my life is not the same without it. With my new camera and the baby, it will not be "my turn' for a major purchase for aw hile, so I wait patiently till my little friend is back in my pocket with all my tunes.

Life without the little white box is too quiet.

dinidanny said...

What a riot! I thought of this post last night as I was fishing out a matchbox car my son dropped into the toilet...when it was "full" if you know what I mean. Talk about gross!!! I had to use tongs to get it out. If it were up to me I would have just flushed it but my son was hysterical. I told him I was going to clean it but needless to say it ended up in the trash. Yuck!!

Krista said...

Hahaha I love it. I need to learn that trick i think!