Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: If I Could Stop Time...


The first thing I thought of (who knows why) when I read this prompt is when Joshua prays for more time to fight in his war and God stops the sun and the moon in the sky and the day is lengthened so that the Amorites are conquered.

If I could stop time, it most certainly would not be for fighting. It would be for a million moments of peace. First, I would start by catching up on my sleep, but without missing the wonderful moments at night when you finish all the little things and relax and walk outside to look at the sky; and without missing the early morning hours when no one else is awake and the sun is beginning to rise and the time is yours alone. Then after I felt well rested, I would stop time every time I felt inspired; every time I saw a beautiful sight, whether in nature or to stop and study the ones I love. I would stop time and sit with paints and a canvas and capture the fleeting moments. I would want to stop time during the precious moments so I could sear them into my memory.

There have been a million times I have wanted to do this. One time in particular, I was in the Denver airport, and I had to say goodbye to my mom and my sisters. We took the train to my terminal and as it pulled up, I suddenly realized that my time with them was over and I had to say goodbye in one moment and hop off before the doors closed on me. As I turned to look at them they were all smiling and waving through the glass and I took my hands as if I were holding a camera and snapped a “picture” as they were pulling away. It somehow worked. I have that “photograph” seared in my brain


b/sistersshoes said...

First let me say that it was difficult to read your post because of your WODERFUL side bar creations! :D my eyes kept wondering and then I had to start over again 3 times! Sheesh!

I loved the image that was seared into your much love!

Sweet {hugs}
xxx d

Anonymous said...

a million moments of peace...yes.

emma jo said...

You gave me chills many times with this entry, well done.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post of yours, but i just stumbled upon it and it spoke to me so perfectly. I need a "moment of peace" every day, and nature is where I usually find it. Love the photo as well.