Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: Imperfections


I have a chalkboard. This cute little antique one with a wooden frame and a tray that holds all my chalk and the eraser. There are lots of pieces of chalk—in every color. This chalk board holds all kinds of information on any given day. Sometimes it has phone numbers and important messages for my husband. Other days it holds names of important people who I am supposed to contact. I put my on-going grocery list up there. Some days it sends a happy message out for everyone who enters the kitchen, like, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” or “Welcome Home!” Other times it sends out messages of thanks or love. Lots of days my lists are color coded. Pink for things to do at home, purple for groceries, orange for errands, and on and on. Unfortunately, I am still not very efficient. There are rare days when I erase one thing after the other upon the completion of my tasks. There are other times when “call Kirsti back” or “RSVP”stays up there for a week, and then I just erase it, knowing that, dang it, I’m just too late.

I am not an organized person, and I am reminded of this frequently, and although this annoys me, I am forgiving, and I don’t hold grudges. Sometimes, well meaning loved ones (or practical strangers!) will tell me how to organize myself. But you know what? This just doesn’t work. I have come to the conclusion that organization is not something that can just be done (as in, “You just DO it.”), and I have a hard time understanding why people just expect me to suddenly become organized simply because they gave me a plan. I don’t expect people who aren’t creative to just go pick up a paint brush and DO it. It is definitely a talent that people have. And I will try not to be too annoyed when someone gently strokes my back and gives me simple step by step instructions, and I will try to learn and make this into a strength. Who knows maybe when I’m 73, I’ll have the most organized pantry on the block and I’ll be giving hints to poor sloppy girls like myself, teaching them how to train their brains how to put things into compartments. (Can you tell I have problems even accepting the idea of being organized? That last sentence makes me shudder.)


more imperfect people here.


Tori said...

Being organized is way overrated anyway. It only lasts me a week or so, and I am back where I started. Reorganizing is what I do. However, my husband says you can't organize clutter...so now I have to declutter before I organize.

I agree with you, it is a talent. I have a friend with that great talent, and she is thinking of starting her own business of organizing other people's things. I think she could do really well with that.

love ya-

Anonymous said...

organization is an inner calling...either you are compelled to be that way or not. either way, don't sweat it! sounds like you've got a perfect little system that works for you. love the vintage chalkboard :)

b/sistersshoes said...

Compartments...I 'do'love the word...I just can't keep everything staying in the right ones :#

being a pak rat does'y help either...oh well, we try

love to you Britt

Colorsonmymind said...

That last photo is great! I am always thinking I should be more organized-yet I wonder if that is just more of my longing for control. I like how you are easy on yourself.

I have to try that more often:)

Krista said...

So true. I never thought about it like that before. Good perspective. Just remember- you get plenty done every day of your life. You don't need to take on anyone else's "system" to make your life work. It's already working quite well.

Jessa said...

You are who you are for a reason.

Be that person.

Enjoy her.

We all do!


Abby said...

Wouldn't it be awful if we were all the same--and worse--if we were neatly compartmentalized in some big pantry somewhere? (Um, I am not high).