Saturday, November 18, 2006

31 Things About Me

1. I have a bad memory
2. I am still in love with my husband
3. I was just served breakfast in bed
4. I have a bad temper
5. Usually people don’t believe that about me, but my husband could back me up
6. I can be completely content one moment, and something frustrates me and I am crying and questioning why life can be so hard
7. I have had to wear glasses/contacts since the 4th grade
8. I love where I live
9. I love mellow, soulful music
10. I rarely wear earrings—they make my ears sore
11. I make up for it by loving necklaces
12. I love the night sky
13. I recognize many constellations and usually am aware of which phase the moon is in on any given day
14. I believe in God, that He is the father of our spirits
15. I believe you can’t have a father with out a mother
16. I believe we lived with Them before we came to Earth and that we will live with Them again after we leave Earth
17. I love to snuggle
18. My children fill up my heart with love and affection and adoration
19. I love stripes on my children’s PJs
20. I love my barn/studio—it is a dream come true and I am surprised by the fruition of this blessing and satisfied every time I enter it
21. I feel the most ‘myself’ when I am creating something
22. I have wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember
23. I still dream about becoming an artist
24. I got married when I was 20
25. I had my first child when I was 23
26. Most people think that’s very young, but I figure they must be thinking about themselves, because it has worked out beautifully for me, and I wouldn’t change a thing
27. I love reading
28. I love the ocean and am so grateful to live near it
29. When I have lived far away from the ocean, I felt a little panicky and felt like a piece of me was missing.
30. I eat chocolate every day…several times a day (does that make me an addict?)
31. Today is my 31st Birthday


Clairissa said...

Happy Birthday!

Tori said...

Happy 31! I hope you have a great day and will know how much you are loved!

Susannah said...

happy birthday beautiful woman :-) xox

jamiesoucy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!
We all miss you!

Left-handed Trees... said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Krista said...

This was a fun idea. I already yelled happy birthday at you once today, but why not again? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

EllyJane said...

i hope you had a lovely birthday. thank you for sharing about you! Happy 31!

b/sistersshoes said...

Sweet girl ~*~ I hope your special day was all that you wanted it to be.

I love your response to having kids early...the truth is your ready when your ready :D I was ready at 20 *grin*

And...there can't be a Father without a Mother??? L O V E this philosophy!!!

much love honey,
xox darlene

Colorsonmymind said...

Happy Happy Birthday love!

I eat chocolate almost every day too-even though I really do better not eating the sugar.

Earrings often bother my ears too, but I don't always wear necklaces.

I would love to see the barn studio. I love barns!'

Lots of love to you. Hope your day was fantabulous.

Abby said...

Happy Birthday, because you deserve it. I love your biography, and I'm pretty sure I want your barn/studio.

Anonymous said...

here's to a wonderous 31st year!

Anonymous said...

I miss you so terribly - Happiest of Birthdays!!


Kathleen said...

i can sooooooo relate to #29. i lived in new hampshire, in mount washington valley, and felt panicky all the time. on my days off, i would drive to maine...and as i got closer, i could smell the salt in the air and my whole body relaxed and i felt "right" again.

happy belated birthday by the way!