Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kiss the Glam Goodbye

kiss the glam goodbye

Here's the last installment of the "glam" theme. It's funny how some themes come naturally and some are such a challenge. (I guess that's the point of a self portrait challenge!)


Anonymous said...

I love this pic, the lighting is incredible! I had such a hard time this month, it was indeed a challenge. I'm glad it's over.

melba said...

Everyone seems to be happy to say good bye to this theme, but I am loving everyone's pics today!

I love how sparkly this photo is!

Anonymous said...

It's funny isn't it? I'm lovin' the glam theme. Okay, here are some themes I think you would rock at:

one with nature SPC
shoes shoes shoes SPC
windows SPC (to the soul or whatever)



rubyslippers said...

you are so cute! kudos to you for sticking with glam to the end. it says a lot about you that you did it however uncomfortable...and i think you are glam anyway!

Anonymous said...

this is great! i love the angle and graininess!

Sarah e. Smith said...

This is a beautiufl pic...i love the coloring it reminds me of a photo process where they use silcer chemicals to develope a photo to give ti a lovely blue tone. Beautiful pic, beautiful you :)....thanky ou too for your extremely kind comments on my pic this week :)

b/sistersshoes said...

I SOOOOO agree with you...this was my hardest one yet, and yes....that is the point love, I think we all felt it...well maybe not ALL, but I sure did :D

love and light,
xox darlene

JC said...

Great pic! I love the color and the way the light plays on your face.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brother! -jake