Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: Red


I feel a little sheepish…last night I got the following comment on this post from last December:

Brittany -
Brian googled Kenton and your story came up. John recently spoke with Kenton (now married) and showed me the web address. When reading your story, it really brought back memories and you made my day. Thank you for the story and the nice comments. Would love to hear about the rest of your family, but not sure how to get in touch with you.

Mrs. Daugherty

I think it’s pretty hilarious and quite astounding that Mrs. Daugherty found my postie—my long lost neighbor who I admire—but that also means some random people have read it {like for instance, my punk rock boyfriend}. That’ll teach me to use full names here! I just figured no one would be interested in my little old blog.

My cheeks are warm. Am I still red?


Left-handed Trees... said...

Oh wow...are you going to contact her back? How small the world is, even the Internet one...The portrait captured a blush perfectly...

JC said...

Nice lighting!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha - thanks for the laugh. Blogger lesson #1,267: don't use full names in stories. Even better- use aliases.


bazl said...

That's pretty funny. Mrs. Daugherty probably had no idea she had any impact on you at the time, how nice that you could accidentally make someone's day.

Bohemian Girl said...

oh my...how embarrassing but also adorable and funny.

this portrait is yummy though.

b/sistersshoes said...

Brittany, how about when some one tells you that they have spent their evening going through your archives? I always run back through them and make sure I was kind and didn't say anything too ramdon.

Some of my late nighters have been doosies *blush*...oh well!

thinking and sening you love

Anonymous said...

I fear this too...I fear old high school friends, certain family members, and co-workers finding my blog. I suppose it's inevitable and you have handled it with style and grace, my dear!