Sunday, January 21, 2007

caught blue handed

caught blue handed



emma jo said...

OK, the blue in the nose is awesome. I love kids, they are the greatest.

Abby said...

How weird is this? Cubby got into the food coloring in the pantry this very week and shared the wealth with cousin hands, mouth, teeth, etc. We finally childproofed the pantry door the same day! Together they all could have been a poor man's blue man group (and equally entertaining)!

Suzie Petunia said...

It all matches his pretty blue eyes so nicely! :) How did it get up his nose? My kids NEVER stick their fingers in their noses. (yah right) Today during sacrament meeting I told H. to stop eating whatever he was pulling out of his ears, and O. was doing the two fingers up both nostrils action to really maximize his nose-picking time. When W. was 2 I had to take her to the Dr. to have a candy wrapper removed from her nose... it was so far up there! Sorry for the ramble.

Lucky Candice said...

The blue nose is CLASSIC. He was pickin', lickin' and stickin'. Were the walls blue?? This picture is soooo very awesome.


Bohemian Girl said...

oh my...those blue boogies.


classic picture.
savor this one!