Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge

nurture my marriage

More resolutions here.


Georgia said...

Oh, this is a fantastic resolution. And the photo is lovely, where did you get your brushes??? I love it!


Nicole said...

simply gorgeous!

brittany said...

Thanks, girls. Georgia, I'm still learning, and am not quite sure of all the lingo, but I used a frame I got from a digikit on two peas in a bucket and then fooled around with it and the picture...hope that helps:)


Bohemian Girl said...

lovely picture my sweet!

and yes...nurturing your marriage. what a wonderful resolution.

love to YOU. xoxo

Left-handed Trees... said...

Amazing--you should frame out this series...so so so beautiful. Nurture, in more general terms, was my first resolution for the month--so I can surely relate!

Abby said...

So important. Love the pic.

emma jo said...

Always a good thing...not always easy, but always a good thing.

rubyslippers said...

beautiful picture--way to go with your photoshop skills!! ...and lovely resolution, too.

Anonymous said...

Nurture is a great word for a resolution. I'm still working on my mothering, which is why I have NOOO time to blog. Dangit!