Friday, March 9, 2007

Grateful Friday


Sweet friends who drop off happy daffodils and yummy strawberries in your kitchen while you’re finding out that your son has an ear infection and raging case of strep throat.

Newman-O’s—the organic version of Oreos. They’re way better than Oreos, in my opinion, with no partially hydrogenated oils, they don’t cote your mouth—I hate that.

Vacation clothes bought as souvenirs. It’s always so comforting to put on my vacation clothes.

Amos Lee. I especially can’t get enough Colors.

Sunlight changing through my windows telling me that spring is coming.

Good food--Healthy, delicious food.


Hot chocolate & peppermint tea

Motrin for my poor boy who is finally showing symptoms of pain and fever

My husband who loves me in spite of me, who knows why, but I’m happy he does.

That you can download kid shows onto your ipod. It has really been coming in handy.



Kara said...

Like the coat! You better keep an eye on that one when you're in stores :0). Pretty pictures. How do you forget to take pictures on vacation but bring your camera to the dr?

Anonymous said...

If I lived nearby I'd stop off to bring flowers and strawberries too. How wonderful! You have sooo much to be grateful for...


brittany said...

K-that pic was taken on the bart. but she was watching dora at the doc, too...and probably wearing that coat, too:) she's hooked! I'll sneak it out of the mudroom one of these mornings and send it home to ellie bell.

emma jo said...

Such warm fuzzies. Your past few posts were beautiful and made me feel all warm and cozy like I had gotten to do all those fun and wonderful things! Thanks for sharing in a way that only you can!!

Boho Girl said...

yummy list.

and that meal made me drool...

gorgeous flower photo, love!