Wednesday, March 7, 2007

San Francisco Photo Album

One day Kara and I went on a day trip with our littles to visit papacito at work. Here are some of our pics:

Waiting for the BART. We got a lot of looks with 5 little ones. (The hot pink cowgirl hat with built in tiara is a Target special. Thank goodness for Grammies--they don't have to be practical. Now I bet you'll all rush out to get one.)

Here comes the train! (Britt, stop taking pictures and watch your two year old!!)



It took us quite a while to walk several city blocks. We had to stop the little guy from chasing any pigion that landed, open many juice boxes, grap little hands and say, c'mon, c'mon a million times. I wouldn't have changed a thing.


Here we are at Dad/Grandpa's office:
After looking over the city and seeing the ant size cars, walking through the office trying to be as "reverent as we would be in church" as to not to disturb everyone, bathroom visits and much complaining about hurting fingers, and starving bellies, we left for lunch.

The kids were fighting over who gets to hold Grandpa's hand on the way.



Home again, home again.




It was so fun to have Kara living close by now. I got to hang with her family and even saw Chris a couple times. Her house, for those of you who know and love her, is fabulous, and they seem very at home and happy. I miss you, little sister.

Unfortunately, I forget to take pictures most of the time, so I didn't get any around the house. I may take on a coffee table book project--there is enough interest and beauty to fill several of them at my parents' house. I don't even have one picture of my mamacita. She returned from traveling for the 5 previous weeks the day before this day trip, so she stayed home to get organized, and I never took out my camera again. I love you, though, sweet little mama, even though you are not represented in this post.

The second half of my trip was spent in Carmel and is a large reason for my post vacation blues. I'll post about that next...


Shelly said...

oh my gosh my little girl has the same pink hat from target that she begged my mom for. Your kids are your blog too. would love for you to join my directory.
Thanks, Shelly

Krista said...

Love the picture of you guys in the reflection at dads office. So cool! I wish i was there! XOXO

Clairissa said...

Oh man, this really made me miss Kara and her little ones.

You guys were so brave with five kiddos in that big city. I can just picture my Rocco darting across the street away from me, while I chase after him lugging around my 24 pound daughter. Oh boy.

Love your pictures. I wish I could spend a day with you guys and just soak in all of your family's creativity!!

Can't wait til your Carmel post...I can still smell that ocean air.

Boho Girl said...

ohhhh...i miss the city! i used to live in Berkeley, which was a few minutes across the bridge.

great shots!

Jessa said...

I really love the pictures - you should do the coffee table book. I'll bet it would be fabulous!

MiandMiksmom said...

How fun! Your pictures are beautiful. What a great experience for your kids!