Sunday, April 29, 2007

a little thanks


This week I ignored my busy husband a wee little bit (sorry, babe!) while I played with my little friend Candice. She bought me flowers (that still look beautiful—how did she know my favorites?) and chocolates (which are loooong gone by now) and told me I’m pretty and that I have nice skin (all the things girls like). She cleaned my sink (it was pretty disgusting) and now it shines. She came in a whirl wind, all wrapped up in pleasantries and love. She just kept giving and giving. How wonderful can one person be??



Thanks, friend, for coming to see me.



Boho Girl said...

i adore you two!

look at all your yummy peeps on the hammock. i wanna cuddle too!

precious photos, love.


Abby said...

I love those kinds of friends!

Krista said...

She is so a way b etter guest than me, she sends presents before she arrives, and gives you presents while she is there, and cleans your sink! I am pretty sure that I just made a mess and used all of your wood! She seems lovely... you two are a perfect pair!

Lucky Candice said...

I miss you sooo much! Thanks for the lift - but it only makes me miss you more...sigh.