Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lucky Me


I've been a busy girl. The sun has been shining, my children are on vacation and Lucky Candice is in town with all her little tiny people in tow. We have been chasing cats and chasing waves. We have been eating out and eating in. We have been running down the street and running errands. We have been pushing strollers and pushing s'mores. We have tried some new things and some old things. It's like a big long slumber party in the kids' room. We've had bumps and bandaids, and laughs and lobster. We're so lucky.

Here are some recent pictures from my long absence.


so happy it's spring


so happy we finally got a leave blower. you should see all our leaves!!! Well, they're almost gone now. Kind of.


Seriously--how lucky am I to have such a good friend who would give me this neclace?!? I SCREAMED when it came in the mail! Boho, you are my hero!




wish studio said...

blessings indeed :) xo, mindy

MiandMiksmom said...

Fun, Fun, fun...this made me happy to read.

Tori said...

She really is lucky...that Candice!

Abby said...

New England in the Spring--does it get any better? Lucky.
(We had about 5 minutes of spring too.)

Boho Girl said...

oh i am so happy the necklace found its way to you in time! it looks lovely on you, beautiful woman...

you are BOTH lucky to be together right now.

love to you and lots of warm group hugs.


Beaman said...

The photo of the stones is amazing. Wonderful indeed. :)

They would be so tempting to skim across the water though.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Beautiful post...glad you're soaking up the sunshine. That necklace and those stones are absolutely amazing.

Kara said...

I wrote a whole message before I realized I was signed in as 'Personal Sanctuaries' and had to leave it I'll just summarize and say LUCKY YOU INDEED! I can't wait to see you next weekend.