Monday, May 7, 2007

The Hunt


My favorite night of our sibling reunion was a spur of the moment hunt down. We took a section of the book where we thought we could find what the author had been describing and we went searching for it.

We hopped in the truck and blasted the music and sang our hearts out. We’re a singing kind of family. We sped down the freeway toward Scottsdale and I enjoyed every second of it. What’s not to love when you’re surrounded by family you love, the wind is howling through your hair, blowing the laughter in circles and voices are harmonizing all around you?




(For all you Twilight readers, (without giving up any important info) we found Bella’s house in Scottsdale and we searched everywhere in a two mile radius and found the infamous dance studio she ran to…)


emergency exit



Carrie Ann said...

I love it! And I LOVE your dress!

emma jo said...

I love it all!