Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Rundown

A photo blog of our sibling reunion...

We played racquetball in the mornings and my entire body was in pain from all the random muscles that got used. It was such amazing fun. My abs we sore from the laughing alone.



Notice McNasty in his gear. He at one point, quite on accident, hit the ball right on Brooke's back that was supposed to be headed sharply across the court; she's got a big bruise now, but she took it like a champ:)

sibling lunch

Sibling lunch was delicious with our paninis and the cookie panel. We may have been enjoying our cookies too much to remember to take pictures of the cookies--at least I forgot completely.

sibling lunch

Caleb, Krew & Tate



Before I tell you how much of a let down the Eclipse Prom was, I will tell you that we got so wrapped up in our yummy pizza, salad and pizookies (to die for!) that by the time we left the restaurant, we were already late (literally--as in the prom was starting when we left!) and had not gotten dressed yet. But we thought--hey, it's a prom, surely she will not read her chapter until the end...

prom tickets

We flew home (we all got fast driving genes--that's definately biological, not learned. It's much, much harder to learn to drive the speed limit.) and threw our clothes on. Krista wasn't satisfied with her normal atire, as the rest of us were pretty much in "costumes" of sort, so at the last minute, she threw on one of Brooke's old dance costumes from about 20 years ago and it made us laugh enough that she kept it on. Note: she's FIVE months pregnant with her SECOND child. I don't see how thats fair seeing that we do share the same gene pool and I wasn't even that size when I was 12. She really is as gorgeous as all that.





After getting lost, we ended up running in 45 minutes late. Turns out she read at the beginning and we MISSED it COMPLETELY. We stood in line to get our books signed and comiserated at how lame we were (and how old we seemed!) and how lame the prom was and decided to read the chapter ourselves later that night while laying around in jammies. We also felt better once we learned that the sound system was horrible and no one could hear a word Stephenie (who was very nice) read.

eclipse prom

stephenie meyer

book signing

It's a good thing my favorite night happened the night before! (See The Hunt, below.)


Abby said...

The whole time I was reading these (both posts) I was singing, "Shiny Happy people" or is it Shining? Anyway, I was, and you're awesome!

Carrie Ann said...

Your guys are AWESOME! what a fun weekend full of family and food and laughing! And you look FABULOUS. Britt, that gold dress was made for you! You can keep it, it will never fit me!

rubyslippers said...

you guys are the cutest. seriously.

wish studio said...

sound like the true adventure was the one you all had with each other! i am insanely jealous you have the third book ;) is it so yummy??? you family is beautiful, and you are so lucky to have sucj a wonderfully playful and close bunch. besides, aren't all proms kind of a let down?

emma jo said...

Oh, I am living vicariously through your terribly fun and exciting weekend with your adorable family! Thanks for sharing...I was starting to get impatient!!
Do let us know how the book is!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're all gorgeous! And oh my, how the boys look EXACTLY like Caleb! Isn't that funny? Love you tons!


Left-handed Trees... said...

I HEART photo posts like these...what a good time you all had. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful family love...

MiandMiksmom said...

You make me want to have three more kids just so they can be siblings like all of you. Seriously, I loved reading this. You all look so much alike. What a fun adventure!

Dini said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I love the pictures. You and your family are gorgeous. I miss Brooke's beautiful smile! And I think I even wore that costume Krista has on. I borrowed one of Brooke's costumes for a duo and that may be just the one. Too funny!

Boho Girl said...

omg...i totally want to be a part of your family!!!!