Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Environment


Here I am on the Big Rock in the neighborhood I grew up in surrounded by my children and nieces and nephew.

Brooke is here with her littles and we're having so much fun!


Everywhere we go people give us looks--I guess New Englanders aren't used to lots of little kids. Phrases like, "Are all those yours?" and "Well, you've got your hands full." are quite common here, but when I doubled my numbers, we get it twice as much. Six kids can get pretty loud! But it can be pretty fun, too.

We've been beach bums:






We've been eating lots of ice cream:


We've been saving turtles:



We've been doing grave rubbings and learning all about the history of New England:




(Yes, he picked out his own outfit. very snazzy. but a true working pump was quite amazing to the children and they all wanted a turn.)

We've been smelling lots of roses (over 300 rosebushes):



We've been doing lots o' fun stuff. We've gone through over 8 gallons of milk in 6 days. We've eaten over 3 loaves of bread. (and like 30 corn dogs--gross, I know--a weak moment in the Sam's club aisle) We've been picking strawberries (pictures to come). We've calmed 467 tantrums and resolved 398 tattle tailing incidents. We've washed 1,899 dishes. We've had lots of discussion about what the plot of Eclipse will hold, and hours and hours of non stop talking in general. And now I must go and soothe one really bad sunburn with aloe and then fall exhausted into bed. We're going to have lots more fun tomorrow!

for more environments, click here.


Jamie said...

How fun! I love all the pictures. Brooke's kids are getting so big. How great for her to bring the kids out for a visit. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Kara said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....all the dishes and fights seem totally worth it from over here!

Clairissa said...

your family is awesome!

Tori said...

I've been on that rock! Wish I was there with you!

Anonymous said...

ha ha - still laughing over your post. Isaac's outfit, "very snazzy" is so funny. The outfits our kids come up with! All those kids and all that fun - wow! I love the weak moment in the Sam's club aisle because I've done it too. You look beautiful as usual in all of the photos. Love the blue top - very YOU. I've been trying to call and now I know why I haven't heard back - I'm so glad you're having fuN!


Abby said...

How FUN!!!

Paige said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids! You guys are adorable mommies. Any pics of my kids and at least one is picking their nose or pinching each other.

emma jo said...

I am trying desperately to find a beach like yours...it looks so serene and private. I need to see you in your element and learn how to live like a well adjusted, beautiful New Englander...

Miriam said...

These are all great photo's! It all looks like so much fun. I wish I was there and I don't even know you!

Carrie Ann said...

I wish I could hang with you and Brookie. Childless adults come in VERY handy at times like these!

Tonya said...

Love seeing your fun bunch of kiddos...I have 3 (first 2 are 14 months apart, then 21 months). I feel like I have my hands full (full, full, full) but I know I want more...SO love seeing your blog here. Cute kiddos...are they all about 1 year apart?

~Bek~ said...

wow.. what a wonderful weekend...and gorgeous kiddies.
Great photos too.

swampgrrl said...

hey grrl ...
just wandering over from another blog ?? hmm, i can't remember which one.
i love your gorgeous photographs. even though it is rainy on long island where i am, i feel the sand and the salt water from your beach snapshots.

thanks for sharing.

Suzie Petunia said...

Oh, the joy and the beauty of family!