Friday, July 6, 2007

Grateful Friday

Too Tiny

The wee ones have been finding little mini toads. They head back to the woods and then capture the tiny hoppers.

Spending two whole weeks with my sister and her family

Because she was here, I saw all kinds of fun people that I normally don’t get to see

Sweet jake

Kisses from little tiny people

My precious ipod

Jake’s web album

I can just walk out to the vegi garden and eat peas or gather lettuce. Even though little punky animals are trying to harvest faster that I can, I still think it’s pretty great that there is organic food growing in my back yard.

The hammock is such a perfect place to read

Thunder storms the past few days

My camera

So many blessings—so many I keep private. I guess even though I have a blog I am a pretty introverted person. But here is an attempt at sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're back! I missed your updates. XOXO


Jamie said...

I loved all the 4th of July pictures. Thanks for your grateful friday!

Tori said...

Love the pictures! Love you!

Abby said...

I'm trying not to stress about all the mini toads that could get stepped on without noticing.
I want a veggie New England!

wish studio said...

love your newest journals! your blessings are beautiful - thanks for sharing :)