Wednesday, June 6, 2007

SPC: Environment


This month the challenge is to show yourself in your surroundings, using your environment as a marker of who you are. -Self Portrait Challenge


Kara said...

Indeed, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo! With all of the construction on the inside, I just can't focus on the outside of our house (i.e., no flowers). It's sad sad sad.

But I'm happy for you and your cute flowers!!


Abby said...

Catching the bumpkin cake--I embrace my inner nature-baby every day, here in my city girl world. Can't wait to create my garden...and make a cake...and I'm dying laughing at the poop smelling fingers. classic.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Love this shot--how you are blurred and the flowers so distinct. I know this environment quite well myself!

Mikael said...

You are so talented!!!! Your blog is full of the most amazing photography and acts as a canvas for your art! How did you get so artistic? You are amazing and beautiful :)

Tori said...

Do you have any jasmine in your yard? I fell in love with the smell when we were in California a few weeks ago. I want it everywhere around my house. If you do, take a picture for me, K?

Jamie said...

I hope you are having fun with your yard! What a great mommy you have. Can't wait to see what's new in September!

Kara said...

So what the crap? Post some pictures of the new yard already!!

brittany said...

K:I know! I've been soooooo busy--no time to blog. I haven't even taken pictures yet. It doesn't look all that different, just neater and more filled in...I'll try to get pics up:)

T: I don't have any Jasmine! I'll have to look for some.

M: Is that you, my cute cousin?? Thank you for the kind words.

Boho Girl said...

gorgeous photo...lovely you. you look so serene and in your element.

your garden is so amazing. how i wish i had your green thumb. ; )

warm squishy hugs.