Thursday, July 19, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Elements {Water}

element {water}

the surface
reflects all other elements


only penetrating the surface
do you plunge into
hidden depths

and begin
to understand
life that is teeming within

Resting upon the earth
Floating through the air
Penetrating fire

take in the
life-giving particles
allowing the element
to become part of you

more elements here


Georgia said...

Oh this picture is PERFECT!!!

I love the poem too.

And, since me email is down I will just paste my response to your last comment here... people will be confused :)

Oh, I had a reputation for years as the girl who believed in faeries and magic and vampires and all that good stuff... in my world they totally exist. Sometimes I get the weirdest looks at church... Not too many mormon girls out there who look at the world with my eyes ;)

I will have to check out her book, I was looking at it on Amazon today infact.

Kara said...

One of my favorite elements, well put!

Jessi said...

What a beautiful picture!!!