Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goal: I will be responsible for me


I’ve done it myself, just so you don’t think I’m being hypocritical, but here’s my question: Why don’t we take more responsibility for ourselves?

Why when we’re unhappy, do we not make a change? Why don’t we dig until we find the missing piece? Why do we let things go until it’s just too late? Irreparable?

Yes, sometimes it takes a while to actually see that, hey, wait a minute, something’s wrong—I’m unhappy/depressed/angry/{fill in the blank}. I can see that. But once we come to an understanding that something is out of place, why don’t we open ourselves up to change? Why don’t we take some responsibility and stop pointing fingers?

Just wondering.


Paige said...

Brit, that water picture is AMAZING. I love looking at your stuff.

Jamie said...

Awesome pictures. I loved all your color pictures. Hope you are doing well. Your photography is amazing!!! Can't wait to see you in September.

Abby said...

That picture IS amazing, and I don't know the answer to your question. It seems so easy from one point of view, and it's scary how blinded we can become, even when we have seen it so clearly in the past.

Clairissa said...

Ok HAVE to come to the concert with us. Seriously. We would have so much fun. You have every reason in the world ... all that family in AZ. Plenty of excuses, right?!

My hubby isn't coming anymore ... work issues, plus outrageous plane ticket prices equal I'm going stag to the concert ... tho, I've asked Kara to be my lesbian lover for the night. haha.

Plus, I really need to meet you. I mean, I've MET you, but we really should meet again ;)