Monday, July 23, 2007

summertime bliss

ooooo ooooo.

So, my blog has probably been a little on the boring side lately, but I gotta say—there’s just not that much crazy stuff to write about. We’re either at the beach or the lake, or showering all the sand off from the beach or the lake. Or we’re eating ice cream. Or wishing that I brought more food with us on our outings than just cherries to snack on because children eat three times their normal intake when they are at the beach. Or I’m vacuuming the floor because of all the sand. Or we could be learning about monkeys from a DVD. Oooo oooo. Or you might find us swinging or pulling weeds. Mostly if we’re at home I try to keep the fighting children to a minimum…and the jumping on the beds and couches…and the whining, too. But if it’s a good day, we’re mostly happy and content in our little lives of summertime bliss.

Things of note:
~hmmmm, I’m thinking, hold on….
~oooo, I read Fairies of Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor. Great read, although it is a book for children, MY particular children are a little on the fraidy-cat side, so I just enjoyed every word all on my own. Go out and get a copy—a very fun summer read.
~now that I have admitted that fantasy books may be enjoyable to read after all, I have just started Harry Potter—the first one. At least by the time I get to #7, I won’t have to wait.
~I haven’t mentioned Jake because I never see the dude. If his councilors don’t get back from vacation soon and he doesn’t do a good deal of delegating I may just have to…complain some more or something.
~seriously. I’m having a hard time thinking of noteworthy things that are appropriate to share with the blogiverse, so I’m just gonna go and pick some blueberries from the backyard. (see? Summertime bliss.)

sad monkey
getting over the latest fight


wish studio said...

one person's blahs is another peorson's bliss! thanks for sharing your happiness. i so love the joy journal btw. i stared at the picture for a long yummy while :) so jealous your are entering the harry potter world as a fresh exciting! enjoy.

emma jo said...

I'm with you on the Harry Potter thing...I figure I have an entire year's worth of reading if I ever need it, and I like the concept of closure, waiting for me at the end with no wait.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful summer. Just hang in there with Harry - it's worth it! I just finished book 7. Look, book 1 is the most boring, so if you can get through it (LIKE I SAID, IT'S WORTH IT!!!) then the rest are even better. Yippee!!


brittany said...

I just finished #1 last night,and I enjoyed it. I read some out loud to Isaac who laughed tremenously. If that was the most boring one, then I'm excited to see what lies in store!

Georgia said...

Oh honey! READ THEM FAST!!!

I finished the seventh one last night and it was FANTASTIC, and AMAZING... and BETTER THAN ANYTHING EVER!!!! Umm... I loved it... I am thinking of starting all over again from number one... just to experience it all again.