Thursday, July 26, 2007

There are a few good things that come from spraining and fracturing your ankle:


Surprise date night with my husband, even if it is at the ER

Watching a movie (okay, several) with your children

Sweet friends who share themselves with you

Sympathy gasps

The thought that maybe I can get really fast on my crutches like when I was in kindergarten and could win any race with a little hop in between each forward swing of the crutches (those are glory days—I never won a race previously or afterward. That makes 31.5 years of slowpokiness, people.)

Not feeling guilty about putting my feet up to read.

At least I can take off my fracture boot while I bathe

I get to be more like Caleb

Suddenly I have alone time for the next couple hours, so I better go and use them to the fullest!


xianfern said...

That stinks! But I'm glad that you're at least putting your feet up.. btw, how did this happen? That has to be a good story! ;)

brittany said...

it's really not that interesting of a story. I was stepping off a treehouse landing,holding my 3 year old and I missjudged how high the step was and stepped into the grass all funky. I heard the pop and rolled onto the ground with the wee one and just layed there for a while trying not to cry.


things happen so fast.

it's good to hear from you xo

Anonymous said...



emma jo said...

Oh [insert sympathy sigh] but I hope it means people will pamper you for a while!

Abby said...

Dang it! Emily stole my sympathy gasp joke. Here's one anyway: GASP!

Jamie said...

So sorry Britt. I heard about it from Josh. I hope the kids don't run too fast while you are in your cast (especially Isaac)! We're thinking of you!

Georgia said...

Oh, OUCH! That sucks... At least it doesn't look like his ankle... does it? I peeked at his blog and WOW... I hope you get lots of pampering for the next little while.


phish said...

yes. enjoy being pampered. in the meanwhile, i shall pour myself a coffee and spend some time here.

i like this place.

Left-handed Trees... said...

I hope you heal up fast--and that the children don't stage a mutiny while mama is down!

Rynell said...

i'm here via Emily & Sarah.

I saw the recognizable walking cast and let out an empathetic sigh...I have been there. Too many times to admit.
Enjoy your movies, books and down time -- though I know it's not ideal. Here's to quick & real healing.