Monday, August 20, 2007

up & at 'em


The sunshine is making it's way through the clouds. I'm stretching out my muscles, ready to start my life again. Here are some things that I've learned while being down and out:
  • a brace gives much more freedom than a boot/cast
  • it hurts to be in pain...and not just physically. All pain is interconnected and affects all aspects of life and all relationships
  • not everyone likes my blog
  • when one is behaving in a selfish way it is sure to affect many more people than just the self
  • USPS is not always reliable on a deadline
  • Satan is really good at his job. He likes that people don't take him all that seriously. He is patient. He knows our weaknesses and uses them in a way that makes us not recognize his influence, and then uses our pride to make sure we don't admit that he was part of our mistakes. (unless we are prideful enough to think that we don't make mistakes, and that is fine with him, too.)
  • books are a powerful distraction
  • when muscles don't get used, they weaken. That principle applies whether or not the "muscle" is a physical one
  • I enjoy a crisp morning and a nice breeze
  • children can find gum no matter where it is hidden.
  • I really need a video camera


xianfern said...

Who could not love your blog?? It's always so beautiful to look at, and you always write such inspiring things.. Sounds like someone is just jealous! ;)

brittany said...

thanks, cutie. That's always nice to hear:)