Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's About Time

Abby's First Day of School

Well, my littlest girl started school yesterday. She was very excited. After the other two got on the bus, we had a half hour to wait and it was a very looooong half hour.

I was so looking forward to my very first two hours of all-the-kids-are-in-school-and-I-have-two-hours-to-do-whatever-I-need-to-get-done-which-happens-to-be-finishing-a-project-for-CRD time, and I get a call from the school telling me that I forgot the kids' picture money. sigh. I take pictures of my children often. Do I really need to pay and insane ammount of money to have someone take a picture that may or may not turn out to be give-away-worthy? Am I really doomed to have folders every year of school pictures that just sit there? I don't scrapbook them like some mothers may. I intended to. But alas, I have 4 years worth of pictures of #1 just sitting there. I'm being realistic. Who has $60 to spend on school pictures??

Well, #1 felt left out and I felt like I was a bad person if I didn't get any school pictures, so I drove to the school and found #2 in line for pictures in the gym. He had drawn a red lightningbolt with pen over and under his left eye the night before that was still visible and I hadn't wet down his hair, so it was all fuzzy and sticking up in the back. At least the picture will capture a real part of being a little boy.

I found #1 in her classroom and she had parted her hair in a new and fancy way, obviously trying to make up for feeling underdressed and begged me to bring her a new shirt, "because I forgot about pictures and I only wore this grubby old T shirt...pleeeeease??" So I drove home and got the requested shirt and threw a brush in the bag for good measure.

At least I still had a little over an hour. Maybe I shouldn't expect 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday. I have a feeling I might get disappointed.


andrea said...

ah, brittany. i wished you lived closer to me. not only would i exploit our newly-rekindled friendship and take advantage of your photography skills, but i would enjoy laughing with you regularly. i just yesterday posted on my blog about all the "free" time i have now that my kids are in school.
i feel you on the school pics. do you give your child a complex and not order them, or do you pay way too much for less-than-the-best knowing full well (like you said) that you've taken hundreds of better shots and it would only cost you 39 cents to print them off. good luck there sister. you made the right choice.

Tori said...

Yeah, what's up with that? I have two and a half hours every Tues. and Thurs. also but I have spent the last two Tues. at my boy's school and will the next two! Here I thought I would have these to myself too. Oh well. I do get to go to Costco or Target by myself once in awhile though, even if I just wander around in a daze. Sometimes I just come home and play on the computer. ;) LuvU!

Anonymous said...

oh good, now I don't have to feel too jealous of all your free time. I guess I'll get mine in what, 2 to 3 years? Um yeah, don't complain about a single minute of free time to me or I might go crazy!!! There.


brittany said...

I really wouldn't consider this "free" time, just "childless" time. There's a difference, but both are rare.


Krista said...

Your pics are so much better than the male school pics. That is annoying. I would have just gone home and taken a nap. Thats what I do when i am in a bad mood these days... sleep.

MiandMiksmom said...

How nice to hear that others feel my pain! I was so excited to have "free time." But I somehow ended up spending most of that time volunteering in their classrooms, or catching up on house stuff just in time to pick them up! I guess it's better to not even plan on any extra time, that way if you get it, it's luxury!

emma jo said...

I love love love that you stopped to smooth his hair and laugh at his boyishness...and the fact that you ran home to get her a new shirt makes me glow...I remember a very bad picture year indeed where I hated what I was wearing and how my hair was (4th grade). You are such a good Mommy.

Dini said...

I had a good laugh about this! It never fails that when I think I'm about to have some "me" time something always happens. Someday. She is soooo cute by the way! Love her haircut!