Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge {Food & Me}


This past week I got intimate with grapes. We could smell them as we walked up to the grape vines at out friends’ house. There’s something that makes you want to keep cutting bunches from the vine when you hold that delicate bundle in your hand and place it down carefully into a pile of purple deliciousness.

{Sorry, but I just have to post a lot of grape pictures.}








From the vine to the jar. Grape juice and grape jelly. It’s perfection in a jar.

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Wendy said...

I love those pics Brit.

Georgia said...

Ummm, yum! *runs to get a glass of grape juice*

Anonymous said...

Nice - I love it!


Tori said...

It's posts like this that make me wish I lived right next door to you! Looks so yummy!

Carrie Ann said...

As I talked to you while you made jelly I could SMELL the grapes. I wish I could have been there to help you. Why don't we live closer?

jenica said...

this is delish! i love the vibrancy of the crates of fresh grapes...all the way to the last drop in the glass. ;-D

kimberley said...

Beautiful pictures. My mouth waters at the sight of the crates full of those dark purple grapes. My grandparents had a very small vineyard. The vines twisted and curled around the posts that surrounded their courtyard and they grew across the lattice work creating a kind of ceiling of hanging grapes over the courtyard. I have never tasted store bought grapes that could match those straight off the vine.

Vanessa said...

these photos are amazing.
and they took me straight back to 'vendimia' time in spain. i can almost taste and feel the sweet stickiness...mmmm

emma jo said...

I need grape juice...so delicious!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous picture post! I adore the last photo the most.

Thinking of you and holding your words close to my heart.


Abby said...

I want to take photography lessons from you! (And while we're wishing, I'd like a really nice camera too...and to live in a beautiful place :)

Mikael said...

You are the most amazing photographer!!! I WANT COPIES!!!! Seroiusly, can I get copies of some of these pictures? I want to frame them. They would go great in my kitchen!!!! email me

Un Jour... said...

YUM to grape juice!! I love all the colors in your images:)

Kara said...

I love that grape juice. Last time I was there it was a delicacy, but it looks like you picked enough graped this year to make a bucket full! Yummy. If I was honest I wish I was coming to see you again instead of Hawaii...I miss it/you there.

~home bodies~ said...

long live the wild grapes!