Wednesday, October 17, 2007

something I like about autumn

apple picking.


We went to a local farm and picked some Empire apples. They told us that Empires are a mix between McIntosh (really sour/mix of greens & red in color/smallish, remember?) and Red Delicious (really sweet/red/larger). I don't know why, but I found this so interesting. I could taste them both when I took a bite.


loaded with empire apples

free apples

The fall color is late this year. It has been unseasonably warm. There hasn't been a freeze yet. (I know because there are like 8,748 flies trying to come into my house every time someone opens the door. It's not all roses having horses and llamas to look at out my windows--they produce flies! (I know, I'm still lucky:))

cider hill


pink sky said...

i love your wee one's shirt (too sweet!). i was just noticing that too, about the late color. hoping it's not all just going to go brown. though things look juicy and ripe in your neck of the woods. xo, mindy

rubyslippers said...

those apples look soooo good. love the pics crisp and autumny! :)

emma jo said...

I love fall in New England!! I'm sold!

Abby said...

As much as I HATE dirty filthy yucky flies...I'm still jealous (in a happy-for-you sort of way, of course).

pink sky said...

back again to let you know you've been tagged :) hope you'll share!