Thursday, November 29, 2007

apron love


Wow! Who knew that so many of us love aprons? This has been a fun and apron filled couple days. Thanks for all the compliments and encouragement! You know how to make a girl feel good.


Even the delivery guy said he'd like his girlfriend wearing one:


So even though I started out making them for myself, turns out that there are a few for you, too. Go on over here and go shopping for your wife/friend/mother/self...whatever floats your boat. I have limited time before Christmas, though, so you better hurry. If any of you have special requests just drop me a line.

edited to add: Look, I'm featured here! Thanks, Daria!


Wendy said...

Brit, something tells me that some of the men might have something else in mind when they say they'd like there significant other wearing one. Nod. Nod. Wink. Wink.

Georgia said...

Okay... I think I am in love with your aprons... wow!

calibosmom said...

I love the pic with the delivery guy. Where did you take these? How do you find the time to do all your projects? Come're locking the kids in the bathroom again aren't you! oh thats right you don't watch tv. TV-the great creativity killer...but I love Project Runway. Will watching creative people rub off on me?

emma jo said...

oh oh! It makes me want to cook, or vacuum or just hold a feather duster in high heels. I love them!! They look like the kind of thing that would inspire me when I wore it. Anyone in my family that reads this and has me for 'em!

Shawn said...

Your aprons are AMAZING. So fun! I just found your blog through Susannah's and so glad I did. :)

Carrie Ann said...

i love you so much. and for the millionth time, can we please live closer to each other so we can be a design/creation POWERHOUSE!

Jen Lynn said...

Brit, I'm totally an apron fan and yours look so cool!

I've been stalking Danville blogs over that last day or so and I'm lovin' what I'm finding. It's cool to see you and what's up in your life.

(and I swear I've seen your blog before from someone I know, I just didn't realize it was you. I wish I could think of who that could be.)

Anyway, Hi!

Jen Stapley

Brooke said...

I agree with the Waz. I think the delivery guy has an ulterior motive. But hey, he's thoughtful and creative. Hopefully he bought one!

Nortorious said...

Can I order one after christmas? Will the rush have died down? I want a pink one like the middle picture.

brittany said...

yes, Lenore, I've been convinced that girls like funky aprons. So I will provide. I just need a little time, but come the new year, I will have a vast array of aprons and will take new orders, etc.

You can even tell me what you want now if you are willing to wait a couple weeks for it!