Wednesday, November 28, 2007

living with my boy

#2 at the beach, making a map and burying a treasure.

#2: {pulling #1’s ear buds out of her ears quickly} (he had been saying the same thing over and over and over to her) Take these out of your ears so you can hear, ya gung-ster!

#1: HEY! {grabs them back and starts putting them into her ears again} And it’s not gung-ster, weirdo, it’s GANGster.

I guess that was enough to distract him. He pondered gangster vs. gungster as he started spooning his grape nuts into his mouth again and #1 tuned back into her tunes.


Every once in a while, the little guy shows song preference. You never know when this will happen, but when it does he lets me know. I am never surprised by his choices, they make perfect sense to me when I consider his personality. He will start pushing repeat and soon ask me to put it on his playlist and eventually burn him his own CD. This morning he pushed repeat on Weezer’s Sweater Song. I don’t know if it was the guitar or the chorus:

If you want to destroy my sweater
Pull this thread as I walk away.
Watch me unravel I’ll soon be naked
Lying on the floor
I come undone.

Other songs on #2’s Playlist include:
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys
Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran
A Message to you, Rudy by the Specials
And many more…


The other Sunday my boy had drawn a picture for one of his buddies during a talk. His buddy was a few pews away, so he figured that the best way to get it to him would be to make it into an airplane and fly it to him…in the middle of Sacrament Meeting while the speaker was in full swing. Luckily we were toward the back of the chapel. Jake rarely catches his eye from the stand, but there were some warning glares sent in his direction that day. Hey, ya gotta give it to him; it was genius (he's not rebelious, just naive). And great engineering considering that the plane hit the exact kid it was intended for right in the shoulder.


Suzie Petunia said...

What a fun kid you have! He's a cutie, too. One of my boys threw a paper airplane through the chapel during sacrament meeting. But we were not sitting near the back and he wasn't even trying to send it to someone.

andrea said...

ya know, i really like this kid. he's the kid i want in my class. bright and witty enough to be enjoyed by adults, silly and funky enough to be enjoyed by kids. he's like a buffet o' fun.

calibosmom said...

Well my kids sure think he's great!
I think he and Solomon are going to have stories to tell someday...

Wendy said...

Isaac is awesome. I would have laughed so hard had I seen a paper airplane flying through the air during sacrament meeting.

Courtney said...

Brit: love your posts. How daring to commit to posting everyday. Couldn't do it. Just read through what you've written. Thoughts: I love "Message to you, Rudy" too! Thanks for reminding me about that song! Your Isaac is a cutie. Your blog feels so calm and relaxing, and that's what I need at 11:30 every night. (WHY am I still up??) Wow--Jake looks all grown up! I prefer floral scents, too. And, your aprons are delightful! Have a good day!

Krista said...

That is awesome! What is that yummy bread?? I want some.

Brooke said...

Oh my, I love that kid! Yellow!!! He and I are somewhat kindred spirits. Fun seekers. Unfortunately, I have had to grow up alittle {ok alot}, but I can live through him. That must have been some kind of airplane!!!!!!!!